Invite parents to connect with their children's daily activities via the BB Parent app.

From Web
When you enter a parent's email address or mobile phone number, there is an option to invite parents.
Step 1: Go to Invite Parent.
Step 2: Click Invite Parent button to send an invitation email to parent.

Then parent will receive an email with invitation code.

Parent download the BB Parent app, sign up with the email you sent the email, click Add Child, enter the invitation code.

From Mobile
Step 1: Admin or staff login to their BB School account, click Invite Parent to CloudBB.
Step 2: Choose a student and click INVITE PARENTS button.
Step 3: You can create a new parent or invite the parents who are BB Parent account already.
Step 4: Fill in the parent's email or mobile number.
Step 5: Click Invite button.
Then the parents will receive an email or text with invitation code.

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