CloudBB's parent check-in kiosk provides a quick and easy way for parents to check their children in and out. No more hassle printing check in-out sheets with illegible parent signatures. As parents drop off their children, teacher can lock the device to turn it into a parent self-service kiosk on the BB School app, check their children in with their unique 6-character PIN, and digitally sign off.

Check In-Out with PIN

Step 1: Open the "Students" module in the BB School app, click "Check In-Out" button.

Step 2: Choose the "Parent Kiosk" option. 

Step 3: On Parent Kiosk screen, parents will simply fill in the 6 digit check in-out pin.

Each parent or other authorized pickup has a 6-digit pin which they will use to check in or check our their child.
The pins are automatically generated and assigned by the system when new parents or family members are added either on web. 

Staff should click on the keypad icon in the upper right hand corner to access the Parent Kiosk screen, and Parent Kiosk screen can also be locked in order to keep parents from being able to navigate away from the kiosk screen.

Step 4: Once entered pin is validated, the screen will show one or more children associated with the entered pin, click on their profile pic to check them in and out.

Digital Signatures

After entering check in-out pin and choosing one or multiple children, there is a signature box. Parents or other authorized pickup should sign their signatures here to complete check in-out.

Special Note that, parents CAN NEVER sign in-out while logged into their own account from BB Parent app, only from a tablet that has been logged into by a staff member or admin from BB School app.

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