With CloudBB's online registration form, you'll be able to have parents fill out an application, select classes, accept pickup service fees, and track where the families are as they go from showing interest in your program to becoming actively enrolled. As new families apply for your school or program, you need to keep track of which stage these families are in your enrollment pipeline. 

Enrollment Stage

There 3 stages in your enrollment pipeline:

Interested: These families have shown a definite interest in enrolling at your center, but have not confirmed / reserved their spot yet.

Waitlisted: Families who would like to be enrolled or have paid to reserve a spot, but currently there is no space to enroll their children. 

Enrolled: These children will be moved into the My School > Students section of the website and are no longer part of your enrollment pipeline. However, you can still access their enrollment form information here.

Change Enrollment Stage

Click on Enrollment ID to edit the enrollment stage.

Step 1: Click on Enrollment ID.

Step 2: Click the "Edit" button on the top right.

Step 3: Click on the button in the Stage column to see the drop-down of all stage options. Choose which stage you would like to move the enrollment to.

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